The function of the pediatric service is to take care of the development and health of children and adolescents aged 0 to 18 years, to assess, examine and manage the patient in case of illness, to plan neonatal patronage, adequate and effective preventive measures. , That approaches to treating and caring for a healthy child’s disease are different from those used in medicine for an adult. The child is characterized by emotional, anatomical and immunological immaturity, which is characterized by diseases that are rare in adults. And the course of healing depends on the degree of maturity of the child. Babies respond individually to environmental conditions, nutritional needs, the ability to resist infections and to transmit various diseases. Dosage medications should be used effectively for treatment. The pediatrician is the first and most important specialist in the care of the child's health, and is in the process of supervising him from the very first minutes of birth. The pediatrician has a multidisciplinary medical knowledge in medicine that allows to detect and treat virtually all diseases, cardiovascular, Respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune systems, infectious and viral diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, congenital anomalies and metabolic disorders. The pediatrician also prescribes laboratory tests, ultrasound examinations. No less important is the prevention of diseases (vaccinations)