Cryolipolysis is a novelty of body correction-freezing, which revolutionized the safe removal of excess fat. Cryo is the first safe and non-surgical method that has restored many people to ideal body shapes without pain, rehabilitation and surgery. Cryolipolysis is also called a body sculptor due to its impressive results. After 1 session, the corresponding area of ​​the body is freed from 20-25% of fat, 40% of fat cells as a result of 4 sessions. Cryolipolysis will restore your body to perfect structure, and you will gain self-confidence. The cryolipolysis procedure does not require pain relief, is not characterized by a side effect, the effect is long and impressive. For people who are unable to reduce a particular part of the body despite physical exertion or are not ready for plastic surgery, the controlled freezing method of fat layer is ideal. Cryolipolysis stimulates the consistent and predetermined distribution of adipose tissue in the area of ​​action.