Cavitation is a non-surgical alternative to expelling fat in modern aesthetic medicine, when a person of normal weight has so-called radiant masses on his body, which are not subject to either diet or physical exercise. Similar types of fat masses are mainly located in the abdomen, thighs and gallbladder area, and this may be due to hormonal features and their expulsion from these areas may be virtually impossible. Cavitation does not require anesthesia, rehabilitation, does not damage the integrity of the skin and does not leave scars on the body. Its effectiveness has been tested by thousands of doctors around the world. Cavitation is also unique in that it affects any problem area, with the removal of fatty deposits, the skin tightens. Exhaustion of expired fat lasts for 1 week, but the result is visible on the face after the first procedure, the area around the treated area is reduced. The duration of the procedure is individual and depending on the amount of fat to be dissolved, the average treatment time is 1 month. Pressotherapy in combination with RF-lifting,