Modern cosmetology gives us constant opportunities to prolong the youthful look. When the right time comes to life, properly selected expensive creams are no longer enough. Biorevitalization is one of the best solutions for the skin. Type problem. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for moisturizing and health of the skin, which is present in large quantities in our body, especially in children, so their skin is soft and full. Which stops the aging process. Biorevitalization preparations can be found in a variety of forms, it can be in the form of pure unstable hyaluronic acid or it can be enriched with peptides, amino acids and vitamins, and it is up to the doctor to decide which one is needed. Beauty medi uses rustilayn buster and esthetic dermal procedures of the Swiss brand. Biorevitalization is not characterized by side effects because it is structurally very close to the hyaluronic acid in our body.